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Welcome Everyone!  (Check out my NEW PAGE!!! TICKETED TRIBUTE EVENTS!!!!)

First, I would like to say Hello to all you first timers and to all of my long time fans..xo.
If you have seen me perform, you know pretty well that I am outside the box, that I am not your ordinary entertainer. Some would say and most would agree that I seem to go insane when I perform...I LOVE THAT!.  Every time I step on stage I get the chance to lose myself in what I love, it's such an amazing feeling. And I always want the audience to come along for the ride.

I definitely feel very blessed to have the opportunity to do what I love. I wake up everyday with a smile and an exciting anxiousness to entertain my next audience and possibly make differences in peoples lives. There is nothing more rewarding to me.
To make people dance, laugh, cry, scream like they were 10 again,... it's what I look forward to.

I have always kept a promise to my fans and to myself..... "NEVER LESS THEN THE BEST"!
It's hard work but I DO enjoy keeping my word.

Hope to see you all again soon,... letting loose in my audience.

Musically Yours;
Angela Seeger (Check me out on Facebook and YouTube)