You've been Warned,... Be Prepared for the Best!
Let Me Tell You About Myself....
 I was born into Musical Theatre at the very young age of five. I knew then that the stage was the only place I wanted to be. Through my years in the Theatre, I had the wonderful opportunity of creating and perfecting so many different musical personalities.The wide diversity in my performances come from my true love of relating to my audiences, I have always loved the intimate moments. But Musical Theatre has only been one of the shaping tools in my life.
The Rock's a workout.
For those who know me and who have seen me perform, they know that I am not happy unless I am out of breath after a song. Spending seven years in a rock band can really help to build the range and endurance in a voice. And though I love to rock out like the best of them... it's only one of my personalitites.
The Cabaret just makes me smile.
 From singing a sweet jazz song to a broadway ballad or even an unexpected opera piece, my heart is in it all.Give me a piano and let me lay on it and do my magic!!! The satin gowns, the gloves, the diamonds, the feathers!!! mmmm. Just let me seduce my way into a standing ovation.
I've performed in front of so many audiences, I have had love affairs with stages and pianos all over the world, and I can only tell you that it never gets tiring.
There really is so much more about me, but you would have to see me on stage to get the whole can see who I really am, where I come from, all my most intimate feelings and secrets...I never hold back.
Angela Seeger